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Pod Invite

This is your invitation to Pod.

It’s an invitation to be part of something groundbreaking.

Not because we are doing anything new, but because you are going to receive so much support you are going to be breaking new ground in your career, in your business ideas, in your life.

Pod is the complete support package for your personal and professional development.

Because it’s all online, it’s flexible enough to work around a busy lifestyle without compensating on quality.

And it’s surprisingly affordable too.


 It’s all online

Pod is powered through Google hangouts. Hangouts are a bit like skype, but allow for much greater communication through google circles.  if you’ve not used them before, its best to make sure you have a Google+ account all set up and familiarise yourself with with the hangouts and circles that will make your pod run smoothly.

To learn more about Google+, we have put together a list of ‘How To’ videos to make sure you have a proper introduction.

Connect Now

To make sure you are familiar with the technology before your first session why not connect with Andrew Tilling and try a Hangout to say hi!

You can always join the Pod community in Google+ too

Connect Now

6 hours of outstanding support every month!

Each month you will have an hour’s one to one coaching session with your personal coach online. It’s private and confidential, and means you will have a space to work on the stuff that’s holding you back or that you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly.

Your coach will help you seal your focus, deal with change, identify your training needs, recognise your successes and breakthroughs and offer you the benefit of real experience from which to draw on as you make decisions about your future.

You’ll have the choice each month to participate live or view a recording of a training webinar developing skills that together we have identified you need as a pod community. Preseli have a whole host of the very best soft skills training available, and if the need is significant, we’ll even source and design training specifically for your pod.

Networking, pitching and presentation skills, negotiation, leadership and interview skills are just a small taste of what we can offer.

Pods are powered by the Storm Process, and each month you will have an hours learning to do in your own time using our online courses that will improve your ability to coach yourself and other members in your Pod.

If you are unfamiliar with Storm, don’t worry! Suffice to say it’s a tried and tested model for helping people make changes for the better in their lives, their work and in the lives of their community. If you want to get moving on something, Storm is for you.

In the first month, you’ll receive a Storm Intro course to help you get to grips with the basic principles.

You’ll find our courses over at, and there’s plenty there to keep you busy.

You’ll receive your login details once you join the pod.

Each month, you commit to attending a 2 and a half hour group coaching session with your Pod so everyone gets their 20 minutes to gain the benefit of the groups complete focus.

Based on Action Learning Sets, here is where you help, support and guide each other using the skills you are learning through Pod, to set new goals and blast through the challenges you face.

To help you get to grips with the group process, this session will be facilitated by your coach for the first few sessions, and there will always be someone on call to help you guys if you get stuck.

You'll find that this is the time when everything you are learning starts to come together. It's amazing what happens when you share learning with others. You'll find you learn much better and faster too!


With the features of Pod priced individually, it’s clear why comparable programs charge hundreds of pounds each month.

But for the first few people who sign up to Pod, all this comes for just £75 a month – about the same as a gym membership and LESS than our hourly coaching rate for around 6 hours of outstanding support for you and your ideas.