Storm Coaching will make the difference to your career

Time for you to shine

Storm coaching helps with many things including:

Help with career choices

Finding solutions

Creating confidence

Stress management

Learning better focus

Changing habits


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– Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm – anon

Helping you weather the storms of professional life

Work can be difficult. You can feel unsupported, unprepared and thrown in the deep end (and that’s on a good day!). When the real problems come, you can be left wondering why on earth you went for this job in the first place. Professional relationships can become both strained and inescapable. Without someone to talk to who understands, and with whom you can clear your head without fear of repercussions to your career, work can have a significant impact on your well-being . This can start to affect your relationships at home and when things are difficult at home, that can affect your work too.
Our experienced, professional coaching provides you with the space and the guidance to help you deal with the challenges in your life, clarify your long term goals and stay on track to achieving them. You’ll quickly notice a shift in your attitude and capability, helping you become more valuable and effective at work, and more relaxed and happy in your home life.

“Choosing to have the coaching has opened up doors for me that I thought were shut forever. I still have work to do and things I want to achieve, but with your help I have put my anxieties into perspective and have the motivation and belief that I can achieve anything I want to”
Jo Fry
“Coaching over the internet gave me far more flexibility than trying to arrange a face to face session each week. It helps me to bring insights from my coaching back into my work too, because I’m getting coaching at my desk. It helped a lot”
Anna J




Pitching, presentation and interview skills

We can help you overcome your nerves, get your important messages clear and remain authentic and natural.

Coming up with great solutions

Our techniques show you how to generate great ideas and give you the skills to respond proactively and resourcefully to turn those ideas into reality.

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Dealing with problems

We can train you in strategies to help you deal with problems before they become a crisis, and strengthen your ability to work with others effectively.

How to be happy

Your personal well being is our number one priority throughout the coaching process. We’ll introduce you to subtle, yet effective techniques to improve your inner world, and help you face the world with a smile.


A coaching package tailored to you, using the very best materials

• Work with your coach to create a package that works with your circumstances

• 15 mins ‘bat-phone’ coaching if you need some guidance between sessions

• Access to the Storm Process online training materials including:

• Friendly worksheets that train your brain

• Thinking models for challenges at work

• Exclusive online training videos on the Storm Process

• Ebook guides to help sharpen your thinking

• Insights on entrepreneurial thinking, business skills and professional performance

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How coaching made the difference to my career, and how we can do the same for you


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Russell Tongue
Director and Coach


andrew2 bw

Andrew Tilling
Coach and creator of the Storm Process

Russell has been coaching people one-to-one for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of insights, information and practical solutions on which to draw. In business, he has been a director of Preseli and a developer of the Storm Process for the last five years and has provided professional development training both here and in the Netherlands where he lives with his wife and two children. He is a passionate traveller and pretty darn good with a carpenters tool kit. Russells strengths as a coach lie in helping people find clarity and develop positive, friendly solutions that pack a punch.

“Russell was incredibly friendly and positive, and spoke to me on a very understanding level without being patronising or abrupt. Exactly what I needed to help me grow in confidence! I would definitely recommend a session or series of sessions with Storm Coaching. The benefit to me was unbelievable and I’ve learnt things that I can take with me and apply in different situations throughout life. Thanks Russell! You are a superstar!”
Jo Hawtree
“It was a very useful training with Russell and since then our way of working together has definitely improved. I think it’s a very nice service what you are providing and I would like to wish you lots of success and satisfied clients in the future too!”
Mate Mohacsi
“This man has helped me change my life, time and time again. Having a wise confidant like Russell on hand has proven to me to be invaluable in life. I just wish there were more like him to go round, as I think the world would be a much happier place. If you get a chance to work with Russell, don’t pass it up. He is a rare breed.”
Andrew Cameron

Andrew has been coaching people for 22 years and has a wealth of people who attribute important breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives to the time they spent working with him. In 2009 he created the Storm Process to bring the very best insights from creative thinking, problem solving and ‘getting things done’ together into one tool that supports well being and healthy relationships. His passion is helping people find their sense of purpose, and work better with others in order to bring about lasting change. A fan of nature, he lives close to Kew Gardens with his wife, Caterina.

“I have literally been at my wits end, believing there was no way out of the darkness that had enveloped my life, and Andrew has helped me find my light. No amount of words or testimonial can express my thanks. He has done so much to focus me and help ME move my life forwards, he is someone I will return to time and time again. That is a fact.”
Jon Griffiths
“I felt as if I was going to break. I had a business that was making a loss every month, a failed relationship, health issues and numerous other problems.  The life and business coaching sessions with Andrew have helped me to regain control and focus in my life, Great results in a short space of time.”
Catherine Thomas
“I thoroughly recommend talking to Andrew, whether it’s for anxiety, self doubt, confidence, motivation, work, relationships or just help making a decision…..he’s a fantastic listener. You have a chance, right now, to live the life you want.”
Gary Thatcher