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In corporate organisations, a huge amount of time is spent facilitating effective communication and the development of clear strategy. Added to this, the generation of truly innovative ideas has become more important. We all agree that it is necessary, but few people seem to be able to do more than just identify the need.

STORM was designed as a systematic process to train and produce innovative thinking. It ensures that leaders can take projects and teams through a process that ensures focus, clarity, directed action and most importantly, profitable results.

Innovative thinking is explored and demonstrated, and you’ll be amazed at the amount and quality of ideas that are generated.

Uniquely, the STORM process will unite and engage teams in reaching their objectives, helping you to ensure that projects are completed effectively and efficiently across your organisation.

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STORM in a teacup: How to hold meetings with purpose

Are your meetings going over the same old ground? Are the same dynamics making meetings drag on?

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'STORM in a teacup: How to hold meetings with purpose.'

It looks at a few of the recurring problems that are often found in meetings; explains why the problems exist and how they affect the group. It then goes on to demonstrate what you can do to turn the process around.

Your meetings will be happier and more productive for it.

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