Andrew Tilling
Andrew TillingCreator of The STORM Process

Andrew Tilling spent years of his life acting and teaching others how to be someone other than themselves and after years of feeling disengaged and disgruntled with the essence of his acting career, he went on a discovery which allowed him to learn and share who he really was. On the way, Andrew created a process that facilitates the ownership, understanding and communication of thoughts for anyone that uses it regardless of age, gender, experience or aspirations. Simply, the process allows people to be a better version of themselves and find themselves and their best ideas in the eye of the storm.

Russell Tongue
Russell TongueDirector and Coach

Russell has been coaching people one-to-one for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of insights, information and practical solutions on which to draw.
He is a partner at Preseli and helps to define and shape the organisation, and its message.

His underlying philosophy is that solutions to any given issue or problem either exist, or are emerging as we understand the challenge better.

“Spending too much time concentrating on obstacles and problems can lead to hyper-tactical thinking and behaviour; a narrowing of focus.  When this happens it can be extremely valuable to define, understand and emotionally connect with the sense of the direction we want to take. What begins to emerge from this is a different approach. Sometimes this will involve straightforward problem solving, but more often than not it also becomes an opportunity to understand how you got to where you are and to clear away habits and behaviours that are no longer useful. This makes it much easier to find ways to connect what you really want with what you actually do.”

Sandy Chander
Sandy ChanderEducation Specialist

Sandy Chander worked in the Further Education sector for 11 years and has a sound understanding of the young students minds of our society. Sandy attended several of Andrew’s workshops and learnt so much about herself.

“They were mind blowingly amazing and had such a huge impact on my life both professionally and personally. I was able to go back into my classroom and further empower and inspire my students with the new skills I learnt.”

Her desire to work with and inspire young people continues to burn inside her and the ethos behind Preseli allows her to fulfil those passions. Discovering the STORM Process provided an opportunity to take and make the most of opportunities whilst allowing her to be herself.

“Today’s generation of young people will be tomorrow’s workforce, I believe everyone has a chance to change the world in some way and my dream is to help the youth of today to believe in themselves and help support them in bringing their ideas to reality without changing who they are. We are all familiar with the phrase, ‘if I only I knew that back then.’ With this in mind I decided to change direction in my career and join the Preseli team.”

Sandy is passionate about encouraging young people to change the world and make an impact with their ideas. Her dream is to empower youngsters with the tools they need to make the most out of opportunities that so many of us never had when we were younger.

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