partyrabbitAs a social innovation specialist you would think that becoming an RSA fellow was right up my street. I mean on paper (well, screen) its a perfect fit. A group of people far more intelligent than I will ever be coming together to create solutions for the world. I would have the chance to learn, to grow, to connect and to create with others who could really do something to tackle the problems I love to solve. You know the ones. The really niggly ones that just get more complex the more you niggle them.

But something about an old institution left me flat, even to the point that I guiltily didn’t chase up my offer of nomination. But after tonight I will chase it down. Hard.

I was invited to a “reboot” night, an informal night of mini talks introducing projects and speed networking that left the room buzzing. Not just nice and friendly buzzing. I mean the walls were literally reverberating long after the bells rang to call the session to a temporary halt while we heard from the next group of speakers.

The fellows are an extraordinary bunch. I didnt have a single conversation that left me thinking “how do I get out of this one”. In fact,  even with those with no obvious connection to explore I found myself determined to learn more about these fascinating individuals.  Well travelled,  well read,  informed by the old,  excited by the new. I left feeling that this was in no uncertain terms down to the organisers,  most notably Roxanne Persaud, whose enthusiasm for those present to mingle and discover just how damn fine each other were, was infectious and welcome.

Which leaves me to wonder just how under the radar this event was. It seems that those present were not so much part of the hierarchy of RSA,  but rather willing fellows who care enough to take a risk and do rather than stay safe and discuss. In short,  my kind of people.

If this is the future of RSA, I commend you heartily. As a representative of a new generation of self organising, self motivated social innovators I feel duty bound to tell you that this is what we need.

If this is not the future of RSA, please let me know where I sign,  so I can come on in and explain to you why all you very smart people are wrong.

Andrew Tilling
Andrew Tilling
Andrew is the creator of the STORM Process, founder and CEO of Preseli Partnerships and is on the board of Social Enterprise South East