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From Enrollment to Employment

We work with students to get you on track with your degree, clarify your aspirations and to exceed your own expectations

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From Starting Up to Scaling Up

We help entrepreneurs understand their stakeholders, manage themselves and deliver strong, investable businesses

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From Team Forming to Team Performing

We work with teams to create a culture of supportive critical thinking and to deliver high level innovation

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In a constantly changing and ever more connected world, it is easy to find yourself in a bit of a tizz -

whether its a jumble of your own thoughts, a struggle in communication or just a lack of clarity around being able to do what you think you should be able to. It is the mission of Andrew Tilling and the team at Preseli to give every person the tools to take their world by storm and close the gap between what they want to do and are able to achieve. The team realise that many of the most successful people in the world find effective ways to work with others and ensure that calm can be found in the chaos that the storm of success, growth, change or innovation can create. Nobody is smarter than everybody and in order to reach your full potential, it is important that you are equipped with a system, a process and a selection of tools that help you think in an interconnected world; helping us as colleagues, communities or corporations think better together.

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We hold workshops for people to learn more about STORM and how to apply it in their work and in their lives. Drop us a line to let us know you are interested and we will let you know about the next one. We even run webinars from time to time, so no matter where you are, you can being storming ahead with the rest of us!Mail Us
By now you know that STORM coaching is very different to run-of-the-mill personal development coaching. If you want to know what you are truly capable of doing, and want a plan to put it into action, how about working with one of our trained coaches? Call us for free chat and let’s take it from there. Mail Us
We deliver consultancy to help teams develop a culture of innovation, communication and outstanding delivery. Our consultancy teams have been credited with turning businesses around, but really it’s the change in the way you work that really makes the difference. Every project is different, so let us know what you are thinking and we will put together something for you. Let’s have a chat!Mail Us

Client Testimonials

“Andrew created a warm, collaborative and supportive environment in which creative thought could flourish.”
Peter Shelston, University of Wolverhampton
“It was a very productive and informative day, and I’m sure the students will be able to make use of the session in many areas of their lives. It helps staff too, as it has challenged and informed the way I communicate with my students. We are keen to have you work with us again”
Arlene Burnett, Solihull College
“I am pleased to recommend Andrew who has been more than supportive in the enterprise and innovation development work we undertake here at UCA. His critical thinking ad solutions are most valuable to what we are trying to achieve. Andrew’s work with our creative art students has been a great success”
Uwe Derksen, University for the Creative Arts
Andrew has a fantastic ability to capture the imagination of all participants of his sessions. His focus and clarity adds real value to those attending as his skills enable an open and natural learning environment. His use of key soft skills highlight areas that are not brush open throughout conventional business education, meaning those that attend walk away with real action points that they can use in business or their daily lives.”
Cameron Wilson, Surrey Enterprise
“These techniques and processes gave students the opportunity to gain much needed insight about themselves, as well as know-how and skills to take them further in today’s world. They gained ability and confidence to work on their own ideas, learning how to progress these forward from creative concept to innovation.  If you have an opportunity to work with Andrew or participate in any sessions with him, I’d recommend that you grab it with both hands!”
Clare Maddalena, Maddalena Consulting

Student Testimonials

“I would definitely recommend a session or series of sessions with Preseli. The benefit to me was unbelievable and I’ve learnt things that I can take with me and apply in different situations throughout life “
Jo Hawtree, Gunsmoke & Lavender
“I now have a clearer understanding of what I need to do and feel more enthusiastic. I learnt news ways of getting into a creative mindset to help address and solve problems. I would 100% recommend it to everyone wanting to start a business.I would just like to say thank you for a truly inspiring day, I came away feeling more motivated and fulfilled than I have in a long time”
Mary Stanton, MyIdeaMatters
“WOW. Great workshop. I left feeling more motivated and more on purpose, I learnt so much. Lots of breakthroughs within myself. It really made me think about what am I really aiming for. You will start to think outside of the box and start to see things differently. You will become inspired, motivated and more determined to go after your dreams.”
Katrina Calvin, Unipreneur Challenge
“After my session I pitched my business for some vital funding. I secured my full funding with no conditions, and now I am able to push forward my business in the way I have always wanted to. Speaking to Russell gave me the confidence to pitch successfully and with the very best outcome. I cannot thank him enough!”
Jo Hawtree, Gunsmoke&Lavender
“One of the most motivating and inspiring workshops I have attended. Andrew is an excellent facilitator and his passion and clarity in delivery helped us learn a lot of new things from him. It has been an eye-opening workshop. I really appreciate the flexible thinking demonstrated by you and the way you encourage us to find our ‘own’ solutions. I also now understand the importance of the link between my values and aspirations in getting me to my goals. I also now have a map to work through to get my dreams and ideas from conception into reality, while keeping my focus no matter what happens”
Natalie Fagan-Brown, Unipreneur Challenge
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